...with minimal German skills 
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Examiner-German for foreign drivers

Quick course to pass the practical driving exam

  • Understand typical german commands
  • Answer technical questions in perfect German
  • Comprehend support phrases to avoid mistakes
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Quick Course

Meet the Driving Student


Helen would like to finally drive car in Germany. Although she already has a Colombian driver's license, she still has to take the German test to rewrite her license. Helen is a good driver. She has taken extra driving lessons before and now even does the "Schulterblick" all the time. Her biggest worry before the test is the language barrier... 

(...Helen's favorite german word)

Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the Examiner

Herr Müller

Mr. Müller is an inspector at TÜV and assesses both driving students and cars. But today he will only test driving students. Besides Helen, there are eight others. He knows that especially foreign driving students often have difficulties with the language and therefore tries to speak clearly. Although he wants all his candidates to pass, no driving student gets preferential treatment.

"Sie haben bestanden..." 
(...Herr Müller's favorite german words)

Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the Driving instructor


Dario Hergarden was born in Mexico and is a professional german Driving Instructor since 2017 based in Frankfurt. In addition to Helen, he has helped many other driving students from different nations to get their driving license. Dario enjoys teaching his students from all driving levels independent of their german skills. He developed Fahrlingo to help even other foreign students to pass the driving exam at the first try.  

(Dario's favorite german word)

Patrick Jones - Course author